A broad range of services to suit your needs.

The Services we provide range from general deck maintenance such as cleaning decks, sanding, replacing deck plugs, re-caulking, re-grooving and manufacturing.


Deck Maintenance

We can offer a deck maintenance package where we can regularly clean your deck with Teakdecking Systems (TDS) ECO100, sand the deck once every year or 2 keeping your deck looking fresh all year round and knowing it is being cared for correctly to maximise your decks life.


This Service we remove old caulk due to age of the product in the seams, caulk going chalky or going sticky causing it to be walked around the boat making an unwanted mess, this service includes replacing the caulk with TDS SIS440 in the existing colour of your original caulk, Sanding and cleaning with TDS ECO100 Teak Cleaner

Re-Grooving a rebated deck

If you have a Riviera, Sunseeker, Princess or Fairline the chances are your deck is rebated, therefore once your deck is halfway through it’s life your caulk lines will disappear leaving you with teak boards adjoined. This process involves cutting a new seam for each board of your deck taking the seam depth to the fibreglass or substrate under your deck, we then caulk the seams with TDS SIS440  in the existing colour of your original caulk, sanding and cleaning with TDS ECO100 Teak Cleaner.


Our decks are manufactured using only Burmese Teak, the boards can be 50mm to 45mm in width and the thickness of the Teak is 12mm. All our decks are manufactured by hand in our workshop and all seams are full depth. We can build them in panels with seam depths 12mm thick (So NO Rebate), we will also use minimal deck screws when gluing to your boats floor. The other method is building in situ, this process is slower, however the end result means you have no deck screws as each board is laid individually directly onto the area with a 2 part epoxy, then caulked, sanded and cleaned as mentioned above. 

Stainless steal polishing

Whilst carrying out work on your deck we will remove your hatch handles and hinges (If Applicable) take them back to the workshop to be machine polished, to enhance your rejuvenated deck.

We can also polish your other deck hardware, such as handrails, cleats etc. As some deck hardware cannot be removed whilst the boat is in the water, if you have your boat on the hardstand having other work carried out we can arrange to collect your deck hardware and polish in our workshop and return to you to have installed before your boat goes back in the water, our rates are competitive and the finish is amazing.

Our decks are NOT rebated

therefore we can give the owner peace of mind that their deck will only need to be cleaned on a regular basis and sanded every 2/3 years to ensure they receive maximum life of their deck without needing to have the deck re-grooved half way through it’s life.

Decks are all guaranteed and if we maintain your deck through it’s life any minor issues that occur are included in the maintenance price and will be addressed before the problem gets worse.

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